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5 autumnal marketing ideas clients fall for every time

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As an agent, it’s your job to present strong marketing ideas to your client. A lack of marketing finesse can make or break the success of demand for your listing.

Our in-house marketing department is always creating edgy campaigns to generate more exposure for our listings. Keep it professional, but have fun with your ideas too.

Here are five ideas that clients swoon for every fall — and great ways to connect further with your clients, deepening their trust in you as their agent.

Feature the changing season in a decorative way

Whether you’re in sunny Los Angeles or the autumn storybook land of Chesapeake Bay, there’s always a tactic or two you can use to create your listed home as the fall home of your buyers’ dreams.

  • Add a series of multicolored pumpkins outside the front door.
  • Light a fresh, fall-scented candle inside during an open house. You might want to skip anything overly sweet, and opt towards a citrus and spruce, for example, versus a candle inspired by a fresh baked good. Scent has a sensory power to influence buyers’ emotions towards more favorable impressions; remember, the small things matter.
  • Avoid going overboard. Try to remove anything specific to the family selling or over-the-top when it comes to décor.
  • Flip through a home décor magazine for inspiration and see if there are a few touches you can utilize for your open house. Can you set the dining table with an inviting Thanksgiving floral arrangement? Or, if you’re hosting a grander event to showcase the house, such as a sunset showing, consider catering seasonal appetizers and fun fall beverages, to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere. Making your clients and potential buyers feel cozy in the home will help them imagine the future memories to be made in it for years to come.

Close the year strong

You likely have your own personal goals of hitting a certain number of closings by the end of year, and if you have an active listing on the market right now, you have the opportunity to incentivize your seller to reach their own end-of-year goals. Work hard and prove to your client that you’re invested in selling their home before the end of year.

Plan out a calendar of showings, events, and other marketing initiatives with the intent to go under contract prior to New Year’s Eve. If their home has been on the market for the past few weeks, they’ll appreciate how you’re going the extra mile to market and sell the home, especially during a season that is typically slower compared to other times in the year.

Highlight the holiday connections

Beyond outfitting the home with cozy, seasonal styling, there’s another important factor that buyers always pay attention to: location. What neighborhood is the home in? Instead of merely calling attention to highly rated schools, beaches, state parks, etc., choose to call out specific local businesses that are favorites around the holidays.

Is the home a couple of minutes’ drive from a local deli that sells the best turkey for Thanksgiving or the most coveted honey-baked ham? Is there a specific street nearby that’s a family must for exploring holiday lights? Think of the opportunities where the buyers can create future memories and moments. It’ll help the buyer picture life at that specific home and in that specific neighborhood.

Give thanks and invite others to do the same

We often think to thank our clients for their time, the opportunity to represent their home or them as buyers, but during the fall holiday season, it’s important to invite others in giving thanks and be generous as well.

Is there a local charity nearby where you want to invite your client to donate this Thanksgiving? Our agents make a charitable donation to their local charity or our company’s charitable partner, Giveback Homes, in their client’s honor. This is a wonderful way to give back to your community and a natural way to connect with your client this time of year.

Alternatively, is there a local park cleanup or food pantry you want to invite fellow agents to volunteer at with you? Take time to serve others, bond with fellow connections of yours, and to show a personable, caring side to yourself beyond your business as an agent.

Clients do business with those they know, like and trust; allowing them to get to know you in alternative settings can deepen your relationship and will also give you perspective as you donate time or money to those in need.

Leave touchpoints of gratitude

Physical touchpoints are a key element in running your business as an agent. What kind of item do you want to leave your client or prospective clients with? What would you like potential buyers to leave an open house with? You probably have a seamless business card with your contact info and a QR code, a modern-day essential, but during this fall season, leave them with a little something extra.

Is there a set of locally sourced autumn-scented potpourri bags you could buy or make to hand out to those leaving an open house? Or can you leave your top prospective buyers with a care package containing holiday items to your clients as a gift of gratitude for their business? It’s the extra thought that will go a long way.

In a marketing-driven business, how you present yourself and your ideas matter. Think of your client’s interest and pick a few ideas you think will resonate. If they fall for the right marketing idea, it could be the key to your success in making a buyer fall in love with the home and generating further business.

Rainy Hake Austin is President of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with her on Instagram.

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