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7 Popular Naperville Neighborhoods: Where to Live in Naperville in 2024

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Naperville, IL, has a charming downtown area, beautiful parks and trails, and easy access to Chicago, making it a great Midwestern city. With its friendly atmosphere, charming neighborhoods, and community feeling, there is something for everyone in Naperville. If Naperville sounds like the right city for you, know that the median home sale price is $599,950, while the average rent is $2,459. 

To help you find the right place to call home, Redfin has collected a list of 7 popular Naperville neighborhoods. From the historic charm of the Historic District to the picturesque East Highlands, you’ll find plenty of homes for sale and apartments for rent in Naperville this year.

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1. Ashwood Park

Ashwood Park is a beautiful residential neighborhood located in southwest Naperville. It’s known for its proximity to several parks, including the Ashwood Park and the Commissioners Park. The housing types in Ashwood Park include single-family homes and townhouses ranging from traditional to modern styles.

Median Sale Price: $1,150,000

Homes for Sale in Ashwood Park | Apartments for Rent in Ashwood Park

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2. Cress Creek

Cress Creek is a charming neighborhood situated northwest of Downtown Naperville. It has several parks, including Cress Creek Park and McDowell Grove Forest Preserve. The area also has several shopping centers and local restaurants. Cress Creek has a broad array of housing types, including single-family homes and townhouses, ranging from classic to contemporary.

Median Sale Price: $209,500

Homes for Sale in Cress Creek | Apartments for Rent in Cress Creek

3. Downtown Naperville

Downtown Naperville is a vibrant neighborhood located in the heart of the city. It’s known for its bustling downtown area, which is home to various shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. For example, you can check out the Naper Settlement, the DuPage Children’s Museum, and the Millennium Carillon monument. The neighborhood also has several parks, including Centennial Park and the Naperville Riverwalk. The housing options in Downtown Naperville consist of apartments, condos, and townhouses.

Median Sale Price: $1,200,000

Homes for Sale in Downtown Naperville | Apartments for Rent in Downtown Naperville

4. East Highlands

East Highlands is a picturesque neighborhood nestled south of Downtown Naperville. It’s known for its lush green spaces, including Veterans Park. The area is also near historic landmarks like the Martin Mitchell Mansion. The housing types in East Highlands include single-family homes and townhouses.

Median Sale Price: $1,624,181

Homes for Sale in East Highlands | Apartments for Rent in East Highlands

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5. Historic District

The Historic District is a charming neighborhood home to several historic buildings, like Pfeiffer Hall, which opened in 1926. The area also features a variety of parks, such as Burlington Square Park and Central Park. The housing options in the Historic District consist of historic homes and townhouses. The architectural styles in the area range from Victorian to Colonial, offering a unique selection for potential residents.

Median Sale Price: $630,000

Homes for Sale in Historic District | Apartments for Rent in Historic District

6. Tall Grass

Tall Grass is a beautiful neighborhood known for its proximity to several parks, including Tall Grass Park and Frontier Park. The area is primarily residential, but plenty of shops and restaurants are nearby. The housing types in Tall Grass include single-family homes and townhouses.

Median Sale Price: $725,000

Homes for Sale in Tall Grass | Apartments for Rent in Tall Grass

7. White Eagle

White Eagle is a picturesque neighborhood with lush green spaces, including the White Eagle Park and Golf Club. It’s a residential neighborhood close to plenty of popular Naperville attractions. The housing options in White Eagle are primarily single-family homes.

Median Sale Price: $650,000

Homes for Sale in White Eagle | Apartments for Rent in White Eagle

Methodology: All neighborhoods must be listed as a “neighborhood” on Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during February 2024. Average rental data from during February 2024.

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