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7 ways to say thank you (that you still have time to pull off) this Thanksgiving

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But how can you show your gratitude in a way that lets your clients or sphere of influence understand how much you truly appreciate them? Here are seven ways to say thank you this Thanksgiving.

Don’t just think about your business life. Think about your personal life too — thank teachers, coaches and others who have impacted your life. Showing gratitude is a two-way street. It always comes back to you.

1. Send video thank-you texts

Saying thank you is special, but when it is delivered in an authentic, unique way at an unexpected time, it leaves an impression that is rarely forgotten. The best way I’ve found to do this is through personalized video texts recorded and sent on Thanksgiving morning.

The process I’ve used for years is to choose eight to 10 people who have most positively affected my life and business in the past year. I then record a video on Thanksgiving morning to let them know how thankful I am for them. I do this in a very personal way and at a very personal time.

It should be authentic, and your video will obviously be different from the video I record. As for me, my job on Thanksgiving day is to fry the turkey for our family meal. So, I shoot a video in my backyard on Thanksgiving morning while the turkey is frying with the following message:

Happy Thanksgiving (client’s name). I’m frying the turkey for our Thanksgiving meal right now, as you can see [I pan the camera over to show the turkey in the fryer]. I was just thinking about the people I’m most thankful for this year, and you immediately came to mind. I want to say thank you for the opportunity to help you and your family buy your home this year. I truly do appreciate you, and I hope this is a Thanksgiving that you are surrounded by family, friends and love. Have a great Thanksgiving, and talk soon.

I send these videos to each person via text. The responses over the years have been incredible. I’ve had people send me a video back showing me their new grandbaby who they are holding for the first time. I’ve had people text me back saying thank you for helping them buy the home that their entire family is enjoying on that day.

I’ve even had people text me a video while they are at the table during their Thanksgiving meal panning around the room saying they just shared the video with their entire family who was blown away that a Realtor would send a thank-you video on Thanksgiving morning.

If you’re looking for a way to say thank you that will never be forgotten, send personalized video texts this Thanksgiving.

2. Deliver a Thanksgiving pie

Nearly every Thanksgiving meal includes some type of pie for dessert. Why not show your gratitude this Thanksgiving by giving those you appreciate a pie they can enjoy with their family? This could be a pie you personally make or that you buy from a local bakery.

Either way, this is a great way for real estate agents to show their gratitude during this season. It can be as simple as personally delivering the pie to them or having a courier deliver it for you with a handwritten note. Some agents make this a large client appreciation event and schedule pickup times and places to accommodate the number of pies they give away.

No matter how you choose to deliver them, providing a pie is a great way to say thank you.

3. Send a handwritten thank-you note

Classics never go out of style, and sending a handwritten thank-you note is a great way to say thank you in a personalized way. The act of sending handwritten thank-you notes is not practiced nearly as much as it was in the past. This means your note will stand out even more.

Here is an example of an effective handwritten note for Thanksgiving:

Dear Client,

As Thanksgiving approaches, I made a list of the people I am thankful for this year, and you immediately came to mind. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you with the purchase of your home. It truly was a pleasure working with you and developing our friendship through the process. I am truly thankful for you, and I hope this is your favorite Thanksgiving yet.


Agent Name

Thank-you notes are a foundational way to show gratitude. Don’t overlook the value of these small gestures. Your willingness to say thank you will not be forgotten.

4. Donate to a charity in their honor

Donating to a charity in honor of your clients is a unique way to show your appreciation. Most organizations will gladly send a letter on their letterhead notifying the person that you donated in their honor. This can be even more impactful if you can donate to a charity that is special to them.

A simple scan of their social media will often reveal if there is a charity they have a passion for or enjoy supporting. If no charity appears, see if you can find a cause they would appreciate. Do they love animals? If so, donating to a local humane society might be a good cause. Do they have children? Donating to a charity focused on children might be a good fit. The key is to personalize the donation as much as possible.

Assisting a local nonprofit, while honoring your clients, is a great way to create a win-win for everyone involved.

5. Check-in call or voicemail

Sometimes a simple check-in call or voicemail is a great way to remind your clients how much you appreciate them.

An example of what to say on these check-in calls or voicemails is:

I hope you and your family are doing well. I was thinking this morning about the people I’m thankful for, and you immediately came to mind. I just want to say thank you for entrusting me with assisting you in the purchase of your home. I really do appreciate your business and your friendship. I just wanted to call to say thanks and that I hope this is your favorite Thanksgiving yet.

Don’t overlook the basics. These calls and the genuineness of your appreciation will be impactful.

6. Give them a gift card with meaning

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift card? This is especially true when the gift cards have meaning or show that you were paying attention when they mentioned a place that is special to them.

Did your clients ever mention where they went on their first date? If so, get them a gift card to that restaurant. Did they go to a particular restaurant to celebrate the purchase of their home? Give them a gift card and a thank-you note that references this card giving them the ability to remember how excited they were.

Here are a few other ideas for places they might enjoy:

  • Their favorite restaurant
  • Their favorite home accessory store
  • Their children’s favorite activity center
  • Their favorite hobby store

A gift card accompanied by a handwritten note is a simple way to say thank you and to provide something of value.

7. Send fresh-cut flowers

There is something special about fresh-cut flowers in a home during Thanksgiving. Having a bouquet delivered to their home the day before Thanksgiving is a great way to be a part of their Thanksgiving celebration.

A local florist can deliver these flowers, or you can deliver them yourself. The note that accompanies the flowers could read:

I hope these flowers brighten your Thanksgiving the way working with you brightened my life this year. I appreciate your business and your friendship. Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and never be forgotten.

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and return kindness. I can think of very few qualities that are more endearing or admirable than being thankful and having the readiness to show appreciation. This Thanksgiving, make sure the people that have helped your business the most know how much you genuinely appreciate them.

Jimmy Burgess is the CEO for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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