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Bret Calltharp: The maestro behind real estate success stories

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In the latest in his Snapshot series, team leader Brandon Doyle talks to Bret Calltharp, director of agent engagement at MoxiWorks, about helping others reach success beyond what they thought they could achieve.

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Inman contributor Brandon Doyle made it his goal to interview 100 real estate professionals. Here’s a Snapshot of those conversations.

When we discuss real estate, we usually visualize property listings, glamorous homes and dollar signs. However, when you delve deeper into the industry, you discover a diverse range of stories and experiences. One of these fascinating stories belongs to Bret Calltharp, director of agent engagement at MoxiWorks.

Calltharp’s journey began in luxury property management nearly two decades ago, where he explored the financial side of the business. From there, he transitioned to a residential real estate brokerage in 2004, marking the beginning of a captivating career that has since spanned various vantage points of the industry.

In his current role at MoxiWorks, Calltharp has a distinctive responsibility tailored around him. “My primary focus is working with our brokerage clients to drive adoption and engagement for our MoxiWorks suite of products,” he shares. With an affinity for both the real estate business and technology’s impact on it, Calltharp is passionate about ensuring a positive consumer experience.

But what fuels this passion? “What I love, and have always loved, about this industry are the stories of success beyond what people felt they might achieve,” Calltharp reveals. He finds immense gratification in playing a role in someone’s business improvement, and he’s particularly intrigued by the junction of technology and real estate, especially when it fosters a better consumer experience.

However, Calltharp also acknowledges the challenges faced by agents. With tight market conditions and immense competition, he advises, “You can’t just wing it and expect to succeed.” He underscores the importance of standing out, of offering something exceptional. Calltharp emphasizes the need for real estate agents to consistently compete at their best.

While addressing these challenges, Calltharp highlights that a good agent needs to be more than just a salesperson. “Great agents are educators and facilitators,” he comments. He believes in the power of being intellectually curious and evolving with the consumers. This mindset is echoed at MoxiWorks, where he was immediately drawn to a sign above CEO York Baur’s office: “What got you here won’t get you there.”

When reflecting on memorable experiences, Calltharp brings up Inman Connect New York, the real estate conference that holds a special place in his heart. From speaking live from Times Square to building deep friendships, the conference reshaped his career in unprecedented ways.

Apart from professional gatherings, Calltharp has a treasure trove of cherished memories. Be it the delightful dinners with industry stalwarts or karaoke nights with colleagues, these moments highlight the collaborative and relationship-driven nature of real estate. For him, it’s all about the process of coalescing minds to strategize and innovate.

Drawing parallels with his music background, he likens his role to that of a music producer, saying, “I try to do for the people that I work with — I listen, I learn, then we collaborate.”

In essence, Bret Calltharp’s journey in the real estate domain underscores a vital truth – the industry isn’t just about properties, it’s about people, their aspirations and the incredible stories they sculpt. Whether it’s guiding agents toward success or collaborating with entrepreneurs, Calltharp’s commitment and passion illuminate the industry, highlighting that with the right guidance and strategy, the sky is the limit.

Brandon Doyle is a Realtor at Doyle Real Estate Team — RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis and co-author of Mindset, Methods & Metrics – Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent. You can follow him on Twitter.

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