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Busy CRE professionals see real benefits of a big brand

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In today’s real estate market, commercial brokers are transacting deals on retail developments, mixed-use buildings, land and ranches, new apartment complexes, repurposed office spaces, and more. Despite market conditions fluctuating, commercial real estate professionals are busier than ever.

Helping clients through transactions is their top priority, but in order to run a productive business, commercial brokers have to carve out time for tasks like marketing, networking, and continuing education. So, why make growing a business more complicated than it has to be?

Commercial real estate professionals looking to build a thriving business can benefit from aligning with a major brand like RE/MAX. Here’s why.

Brand recognition can boost credibility

A brand with market presence and built-in awareness among developers, investors and consumers can give commercial brokers a valuable competitive edge.

For instance, Doug Jennings, Co-Owner of RE/MAX Commercial Alliance in Colorado, has decades of industry experience working with large-scale commercial developments. But at his former brokerage — an unaffiliated independent firm — Jennings says he wasted a lot of time having to prove his credibility to potential clients.

“Nobody knew what my company was. That’s when I realized that there’s value in a brand name,” Jennings shares. “Even though you can be credible and conduct a deal the same way (at an independent), you don’t have a major brand behind you.”

He continues, “Everybody knows RE/MAX. When people hear RE/MAX tied to my name, I don’t have to explain who I am. It’s a lot easier to get right to business.”

Engaging with a motivated network can generate referral opportunities

Real estate is a relationship-driven business. And in the commercial sector, where referrals can come from anywhere, it’s smart for brokers to network with one another and builds their referral pipeline. It’s also beneficial to connect with productive residential agents who might come across a commercial opportunity. Many of them would prefer to refer the lead to a trusted commercial colleague who can close the deal.

With events, networking, and creating relationships through RE/MAX Commercial — the company’s specialty brand for commercial real estate — Jennings has built a solid referral pipeline within the RE/MAX network. He attributes much of his business to those connections.

“Events like the RE/MAX Commercial Symposium are great because they create global opportunities. This year, we had people from Spain and Australia attend, and I previously had connected with a commercial broker in India who works with hotels,” he says. “As part of a worldwide brand, I can pick up the phone and call a referral partner virtually anywhere.

“The global network is an asset we tap into as much as we can.”

Resources can make tasks much easier

Commercial professionals aligned with a major brand like RE/MAX also benefit from streamlined systems, processes, and marketing. Plus, they have access to a wider range of resources, making education, advertising, technology, and other elements more impactful. That gives them an edge not only in securing new business, but in executing for their clients.

Jennings points to Buildout — a resource RE/MAX offers affiliates at no additional cost— as an efficient way to promote commercial listings.

Education and marketing are other examples. As part of a global brand, RE/MAX Commercial brokers receive discounts on membership and education with organizations like the REALTORS® Land Institute, CCIM, and more. They also have access to branded marketing materials like social media graphics, customizable videos, and press release templates.

Bottom line: The real estate landscape is big enough for all styles and structures. But, as a huge number of professionals have found, aligning with a major brand like RE/MAX can be a great way to go.

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