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Ethereum Classic (ETC) Sees Over 7% Gains Amidst Crypto Market Recovery

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) is currently trading at $19.65, an increase from its previous price. The crypto, presently ranked at number 23 on CoinMarketCap, shows signs of life. The 24-hour trading volume of the token stands at $332,995,651. 

The 24-hour low of ETC stands at $18.20, while the high was at $20.15. The market capitalization of Ethereum Classic also gained above 8% and is currently valued at $2,704,849,374.

The crypto market, in general, has been on a downward trend. This week has been more positive, with some tokens rallying positively.

Traders are still uncertain about the actual direction of the market and if support levels will finally outperform resistance. Institutional traders are increasing their crypto holdings with the long term in view.

Currently, trust in cryptocurrencies hit an all-time low with the unraveling of FTX. However, some traders are consolidating positions and buying the dip.

What Is Boosting The Price Of Ethereum Classic Amid A Possible Market Rally?

Macroeconomic factors are mostly responsible for the price movement noted in cryptocurrencies. Ethereum Classic is rising due to traders’ optimism about the token’s value. 

Built from an Ethereum hard fork, the wide adoption of the parent blockchain has also helped the project. However, Ethereum itself is currently undergoing a bearish phase. The proof of stake migration has not significantly impacted the price of ETH, since it has continued to dip.

Ethereum Classic, on the other hand, has no plans to switch to proof of stake and is still being mined. The motivation of profit by miners has helped its cause even in the prolonged bear market of 2022.

The announcement by the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to purchase 1BTC a day also helped the market to rally.

ETC’s price is currently hovering above $19. | Source: ETCUSD price chart from

ETC Is Tentatively Bullish

Ethereum classic, despite its rally, will encounter resistance at the $21.7 and $26.5 levels if it goes on a bullish run. The support levels of the crypto asset stand at $15.9; if it breaches it, the coin will plummet further to the $13.2 level.

The macD shows signs of tentative price movement; this means the positive momentum noted in the asset; might not be sustained. 

The formation of a golden cross is present on this chart, with the 50-day MA crossing the 100-day MA. This implies that a bullish run is to be expected in the short term for the Ethereum classic.

Market forces and investor sentiments will also play a major role in the short-term price movement. Individuals are adjusting their investment portfolios, with fear and panic commonplace in the market.

With the current price trend, it is not likely that the Ethereum Classic will return to its all-time high of $176.16 anytime soon. Crypto analysts believe that Ethereum classic will recover from the slump in the coming months.

Despite its close affiliations with Ethereum, the price correlation between the two assets has barely existed.

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