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What do the clients of tomorrow need (and how can your brokerage offer it)?

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You and your brokerage must always look ahead, stay nimble and anticipate the needs and expectations of tomorrow’s clients. I always say, “An agent is only as good as their next sale,” a phrase that encapsulates a forward-focused mentality that, I believe, is essential to being a successful real estate professional.

At The Agency, we have made it our mission from the beginning to transform the real estate experience, simplifying the process for buyers, sellers and agents alike — and we never stop evolving. Here are some of the ways brokerages can answer the needs of tomorrow’s clients.

A one-stop shop

Clients of today and tomorrow expect a better, more streamlined transaction experience from all angles. They already have so much of the world at their fingertips — food delivery, transportation, communication, banking — why should they have to shop around to different vendors to complete a sale or buy a home?

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services and offerings, and it is critical for brokerages to do this to keep up with today’s agent and client needs.

As an example, we just launched our Core Services division, which includes partners in the mortgage, title insurance, escrow, home warranty, home inspection and natural hazard disclosure industries. With these partners, we’ve taken an innovative, creative and tech-forward approach to becoming a one-stop shop for our clients.

Expanding your scope of service to encompass anything and everything home-related allows us to help our agents maintain their clients for life while meeting the demands of today’s consumers seeking a more simplified real estate experience. Consider collaborating with like-minded partners in your market that will only further service your agents and their clients.

Top-tier and ever-evolving marketing

Real estate is a competitive space with so many brokerages and brands vying for eyeballs and clients, so it’s really important to keep your marketing fresh, unique, memorable and fun. I’m so proud of the way The Agency has established itself as a standout brand in the real estate marketplace — but we can never rest on our laurels.

Our in-house team of marketing experts keeps innovating new ways to reach and connect with potential clients. There are numerous creative ways to connect with existing and new clients, whether it’s a refreshed farming postcard, dynamic video ad, new billboard campaign or beautiful social posts that showcase a newly launched property.

For example, at The Agency, our agents and their channels, Netflix, podcasts, media exposure, and philanthropic endeavors, our immersion in every community we serve provide a strong presence across numerous avenues. Stay authentic and know yourself — make sure your voice and content is consistent for your audience.

Thought leadership

Clients of tomorrow want to align themselves with respected real estate professionals — thought leaders who are experts in the field. In addition to building a genuine rapport with clients, I encourage agents to establish themselves as approachable, authoritative resources.

For example, agents like Keri White and Matt Lionetti have created inspiring and informative Instagram accounts and YouTube channels with short videos that provide great real estate-related takeaways for clients. These platforms help build some name recognition and can help you assert your unique strengths, show some personality, provide value to potential new clients and encourage them to get in touch with you.

Easy-to-use technology

There are many ways a brokerage can incorporate technology into its services, and at this point in time, it’s a must-have element of a successful modern firm. That said, do not just add gadgets and platforms for the sake of having them. Make sure they actually add value, streamline a system and are easy to use by both agents and clients.

Intuitive, leading-edge tech has been front-of-mind for The Agency since our founding, and we were thrilled to expand our abilities in this sector when we acquired Triplemint earlier this year. Beyond larger tech updates like a fully SEO-optimized website and blog, some of the most helpful tech offerings in our toolbox today include simple yet innovative features, like digital tour requests and listing sheets.

Continue to consider ways you can enhance the systems and tools your agents and staff use on a daily basis.

A strong social presence

Of course, a strong and consistent social media presence is a baseline for any modern brokerage — but it can take time. Over the last 11 years, The Agency has built a stellar following on our social platforms.

The Agency’s Instagram account (@theagencyre) now has more than 420,000 Instagram followers and is one of the most followed real estate brokerages on social media today. The guiding principles for social media are to be consistent, thoughtful and have genuine engagement. Those tenets will attract and maintain followers and potential clients now and in the future.

Global reach

The future is global, and the future is now. A brokerage can benefit from having an expanded global network for several reasons. For example, The Agency’s global presence — which has now grown to more than 65 offices across seven countries — allows us to tap into an international pool of buyers and agent referrals for our listings.

It’s fair to say that many clients today work remotely or travel consistently, so they may end up needing properties in multiple locations, which a global network can assist them with. Keep in mind, worldwide connectivity through one agent is something contemporary, well-traveled clients are expecting more and more.

Whether you are an agent or a c-suite executive leading a brokerage, be proactive in your approach to new systems and services that can benefit your clients. Think of it as an investment in your future. After all, to be prepared for tomorrow you have to prep today. Stay ahead of the curve, push yourself and always keep your clients’ goals at the center of it all.

Mauricio Umansky is the founder and CEO of The Agency in Los Angeles. Connect with him on Instagram.

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