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What is Salem, OR Known For? 7 Things to Love About This City

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Are you considering a move to Salem, Oregon? Known for its rich history and vibrant cultural scene, Salem offers a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. The city has a diverse range of attractions and landmarks, from the iconic Oregon State Capitol to the picturesque Minto-Brown Island Park. Whether you’re interested in exploring this charming city, Salem has something to offer everyone. So whether you’re searching for homes for sale in Salem, an apartment for rent, or want to learn more about the area, this Redfin article will be your ultimate guide to discovering all Salem is known for.

Salem Oregon statue

1. Oregon State Capitol

Salem is prominently known as the home of the Oregon State Capitol, a symbol of the state’s governance and political center. The Capitol building, with its distinctive golden pioneer statue on top, is a historic and architectural landmark in the heart of Salem. Visitors to Salem often explore the Capitol grounds, which include beautifully landscaped gardens and monuments, experiencing firsthand the political and cultural significance of this iconic structure.

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2. Willamette University

Willamette University in Salem is recognized for its distinguished status as the oldest university in the West. Founded in 1842, the university has a rich history and a commitment to providing a high-quality liberal arts education. With its scenic campus and academic excellence, Willamette University is a key institution shaping Salem’s educational and cultural landscape.

3. Oregon State Fair

The Oregon State Fair is a celebrated annual event in Salem, drawing crowds with its vibrant mix of entertainment, agriculture exhibits, and thrilling rides. As one of the oldest state fairs in the country, it has become a cherished tradition, showcasing the best of Oregon’s agricultural heritage and providing a platform for entertainment and family fun. Visitors flock to the fairgrounds yearly to experience the lively atmosphere, indulge in diverse culinary delights, and enjoy various activities and performances.

4. Enchanted Forest Theme Park

The Enchanted Forest Theme Park near Salem is a whimsical and enchanting destination that captivates visitors of all ages. Established in 1971, the park boasts fairy-tale-themed attractions, including storybook characters, magical rides, and charming displays.

5. Salem Art Fair and Festival

The Salem Art Fair and Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza in Salem showcasing the vibrant and diverse art world. Established in 1949, the fair has become a premier event, attracting artists, performers, and art enthusiasts across the region. With a lively mix of visual arts, live music, and interactive activities, the Salem Art Fair and Festival has become a beloved summer tradition, providing a platform for creativity and fostering a vibrant arts community in the heart of Salem.


6. Cherry City

Salem is known as the “Cherry City” due to its historical association with cherry cultivation and production. The region around Salem has been a significant cherry-growing area, and the city has celebrated this agricultural heritage by adopting the nickname “Cherry City.” The annual Salem Cherry Festival, which showcases the local cherry industry, highlights this connection and contributes to the city’s identity as the “Cherry City.”

7. Deepwood Museum & Gardens

The Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem is renowned for its captivating combination of history and botanical beauty. Dating back to the late 19th century, the Deepwood Estate features a meticulously preserved Queen Anne Victorian home surrounded by enchanting gardens. Visitors are drawn to explore the historic rooms filled with period furnishings and immerse themselves in the serene ambiance of the lush gardens, making it a cherished destination for those seeking a glimpse into Salem’s past.

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